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Heysurf Sale - Get 15% Off Sitewide and extra 10% Off at newletter sign-up

Hurley Wetsuits Fusion 202 - Men's 2mm Back Zip Shorty

by Hurley
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The Hurley Fusion 202 Men's Back Zip Shorty Summer Wetsuit is designed with superior quality to feel comfortable and warm in your wetsuit during all of your water excursions. Tailor fit for your shape, the 202 Men's Back Zip Shorty features premium neoprene material for ultimate breathability. Shoulder-free panels and flatlock stitched seams keep maneuverability to a maximum and provide a full range of motion for paddling. Stay warm and safe all day with a UP sun protection rating of 50+, keeping you protected for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, diving, kayaking, boating, fishing, and more!

  • 100% Stretch-flex Durable Neoprene & Anatomical Seams
  • 2/2mm Smooth Premium Neoprene Rubber Material
  • Seamless, Shoulder-free Panels
  • Glued & Blindstitched Seam for Reduced Bulk and Added Durability
  • Back-zip for Easy Entry and Exit

Features of the Hurley Fusion Wetsuit Men 202 Shorty Back Zip

Hurley Fusion 202 Men's Wetsuit

The Men's 202 back zip shorty features the ultimate breathability with a flatlock stitched seam construction, making it the perfect wetsuit for keeping dry while regulating your body temperature. The easy-open back zip gets you in and out of the wetsuit with ease while keeping water out. And maximize your mobility with the Fusion 202's shoulder-free panels. The no-seam design keeps you comfortable and gives you a full range of motion for paddle movements.

  • Shoulder-Free Paneling
  • Back Zip Zipper
  • Flatlock Stitching
  • 2/2mm Thickness

About Hurley

Founded by Bob Hurley in Huntington Beach, California, USA, in 1999, Hurley International Swimwear and Beach Apparel empowered the voice of a generation. With unmatched and household recognition for quality, Hurley has graced the beaches of America for over 20 years with a unique blend of style and performance. Maintaining a goal of disrupting innovation, Hurley has set the global benchmark for sportswear, beachwear, aquatic supplies, and equipment both in and out of the water. The Hurley Fusion Wetsuit line is made with durable, 100% stretch-flex neoprene and anatomical seams for maximum flexibility and range of motion. Ideal for all lake and ocean activities, Hurley Fusion Wetsuits are designed with superiority and comfort in mind keeping you comfortable throughout your aquatic activities. Born from Water.

Hurley Fusion Wetsuit Men 202 Shorty Back Zip is stretchy and durable.

Stretchy & Durable

Our four-direction stretch design provides high-performance flexibility while retaining shape over extended periods of time. The unmatched performance of Hurley's Wetsuits keep you fast in the water without weighing you down.

Light & Warm

Hurley's tight zip designs and flush preventative necklines ensure that your suit keeps you free of moisture while maintaining comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Hurley Fusion Wetsuit Men 202 Shorty Back Zip will be light and warm
Hurley Fusion Wetsuit Men 202 Shorty Back Zip is water-tight


Hurley's ultra-comfortable design and material uses only high-quality neoprene, meaning that your body will be kept warm and comfortable without risking performance or flexibility.

Comparison of the Hurley Fusion Mens Wetsuits