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Heysurf Sale - Get 15% Off Sitewide and extra 10% Off at newletter sign-up
Heysurf Sale - Get 15% Off Sitewide and extra 10% Off at newletter sign-up

About Us

HeySurf Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Before you hit the beach in search of the perfect wave, make sure you’re equipped with high-quality gear from HeySurf. Carving out the perfect little niche for surfing and paddleboard enthusiasts, HeySurf caters to people of all abilities looking to level-up their game.

With 360-degree coverage of all your paddleboarding needs, HeySurf is the one-stop-shop for surfboards, paddleboards, iSUPs (inflatable stand up paddleboards) and accessories of all types. While other surf shops only offer niche equipment, HeySurf has got you covered with a solid range of goods for a variety of water activities, including surfing, fishing, racing, cruising and more.

With a global community of over 25 million surfers worldwide, surfing’s popularity is on the rise as it embodies the principles of health and happiness.

Surfing touts many physical and therapeutic benefits, such as improved flexibility, cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and stress relief. Whether it’s shredding tubular waves on your surfboard or practicing yoga on your paddleboard, HeySurf is committed to helping you find your zen out on the waves.

"if in doubt, paddle out" - HeySurf iSUP

Just like you, the HeySurf team is made up of enthusiasts and experts who love surfing and water sports. Along with curating the perfect online shopping experience, HeySurf is also dedicated to providing useful information and advice on a variety of surfing-related topics via our blog called TURN THE TIDE where we post new articles regularly.

Ready to hit the waves but don't know how pick the right SUP? Why not take our personalized iSUP quiz that will help you fall in love with the perfect board at your ideal budget? Take the Quiz here FIND YOUR PERFECT INFLATABLE SUP

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get started on your surfing journey, or need further guidance about what paddleboard gear is best for you, get sorted by checking out the HeySurf FAQ page or get in touch with us through our Customer Support form if you have any other questions.

HeySurf - Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards