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Fishing On A Paddleboard - Turn The Tide, a blog by HeySurf

Fishing On A Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is the fastest-growing watersport in the US, and for good reason! With boards being affordable and nearly indestructible, it isn’t difficult to get started and enjoy an awesome day engaging in a number of activities out on the water. One of the things that makes paddleboarding so popular is how versatile of a hobby it is. You can take your paddleboard and go surfing, touring, racing, do some yoga, and most importantly, go fishing! 

If you’re a keen angler and want to try fishing in an entirely new way that’s both fun and rewarding, look no further than paddleboard fishing! Let’s go over a few of the benefits that paddleboard fishermen have.

1. Versatility

As we mentioned earlier, versatility is a strong point of paddleboard fishing. An inflatable stand-up paddleboard (iSUP) is ultra-portable and presents loads of opportunities for anglers. For example, you could start your day fishing in the ocean, but if the conditions just aren’t right, paddle back to shore, deflate your board, and drive or hike over to the nearest lake for a totally different fishing experience just hours apart! You certainly can’t enjoy the same type of experience tethered to a dock or trapped on a boat! Just ensure that you pick a board like the Hurley PhantomTour that’s great in both calm and choppy waters. 

2. Go Anywhere (Without Scaring Away the Fish)

While it’s easy to argue that a boat can take you much further out than an iSUP can, paddleboard fishing has the key advantage of being far quieter and less intrusive to the environment. There’s no better way to scare away fish than with a loud engine that belches oil into your prime fishing spot. A paddleboard, on the other hand, is the ideal fishing companion that you can still take far out, but without driving away all the potential fish in the area. If you’re planning on paddling far out to go paddleboard fishing, make sure you have a sleek board like the AquaPlanet Pace, that’s designed specifically to glide through the water with ease – making it perfect for long fishing trips. 

3. Maneuver into the Trickiest Spaces

    Sometimes you need to reach little eddies, narrow caverns, or areas that are tightly packed with rocks. In these situations, a kayak or boat simply won’t cut it. Paddleboard fishing, on the other hand, lets you maneuver into the tightest spaces because iSUPs are relatively compact, and can take a bit of a beating. This means that you can reach the exact spot you need to be in to catch the fish you desire. If you’re planning on getting to some hard-to-reach locations that might cause your iSUP to get friendly with some rocks, make sure you have a sturdy board like the Goodyear Adventure All-Season, which is tailor-made to be as sturdy as possible. This will ensure that you don’t need to worry about bumps and dings as you guide your board into that perfect paddleboard fishing spot!

    4. The Best Vantage Point

      While many anglers will talk about feel when going fishing, it’s undeniable that a good vantage point can be just as beneficial. When you’re in the middle of a crystal-clear lake, for example, being able to stand on your board and enjoy a 360-degree view of what’s under the water will certainly increase your chances of landing a monster catch. Paddleboard fishing is the best when it comes to visibility since paddleboards are smaller than kayaks, much smaller than traditional boats, and let you actually go places, unlike if you were fishing from a dock. If you’re looking for a board that’s not too large, but still capable enough, so you can have the best field of view while fishing, then the AquaPlanet Allround TEN might just be the ideal board for you!

      5. Cast Your Line Freely

      One of the things that people often forget when fishing from a kayak or a small boat is that it really helps to be able to stand up when casting your line out. Of course, it’s totally possible to get a line into the water while sitting, but fishing while standing provides you with ample room to properly cast your rod and line. With no wobble when you stand up, not only will you have a great vantage point and awesome stability, but you’ll also be able to cast totally free and get your line to soar nice and far – which might be much tougher if you’re sitting down and trying to accomplish the same thing. If you’re looking for a board that’s as stable as possible so you can cast your line with confidence, then AquaPlanet Max is just the ticket!

      6. Carry Heavy Loads with Ease

        Contrary to what many traditional anglers might think, paddleboard fishing actually makes it easy to carry gear and any catches you might want to bring home. With boards ranging from small and nimble to large and sturdy, you can have your pick of board to suit your needs. If you’re planning on bringing loads of equipment and taking home a feast of fish, then consider opting for a board with a large carry weight like the AquaPlanet Jupiter, which has a maximum load of 419lbs. 

        7. An Awesome Workout

        If you are the type of angler who likes to work for your catch, then paddleboard fishing is perfect for you. Paddling out to your ideal spot engages your arms, core, back, and legs for a full-body workout. Since the fishing part, itself, can be quite stationary, the paddling adds extra fun and challenge to the entire fishing experience that can be really refreshing. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect board to aid you in shedding those calories as you paddle out for some fishing, consider the AquaPlanet Rockit or the Hurley Advantage

        Paddleboard Fishing is O-fish-ially Awesome!

        With so many great benefits to enjoy when going paddleboard fishing, it’s definitely something that all avid anglers should try at least once. If you’re unsure whether paddleboard fishing is really for you, you can start by renting a paddleboard and giving it a try! If you find that you really enjoy paddleboard fishing, then revisit this article and find a board that’s fine-tuna-ed to your fishing needs so you can school the competition! 

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