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Heysurf Sale - Get 15% Off Sitewide and extra 10% Off at newletter sign-up

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  • Best Surfing Spots in California - Turn The Tide, a blog by Hey Surf

    Best Surfing Spots in California

    Be it in movies, songs, or TV shows, surfing is as synonymous with California as apple pie is with America – and for good reason! Half of all major surfing competitions in the United States are held in California, which speaks to the number of great surfing locations and the quality of the waves. Indeed, California is perhaps the place where surfing first began its road to global appeal. Though Hawaiian surfers had intrigued explorer and cartographer Captain James Cook in the late 1700s, we need to travel forward in time to the early 1900s in…you guessed it, California, to really see the birth of global surfing culture.  

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  • How to Properly Repair Your Inflatable SUP - Turn The Tide, a blog by HeySurf

    iSUP Repair Guide for Beginners

    Getting out on the water with your inflatable standup paddleboard iSUP is exhilarating and exciting. Removing yourself from the pressure of everyday life and being able to engage in so many versatile activities like surfing, fishing, racing, and even just exploring, is great for stress relief. However, a fun day out on the waves can quickly turn sour if your iSUP gets a puncture or tear. Luckily, we’ll go over some easy steps to follow so that if you do find your board slowly deflating, you’ll be able to perform a quick iSUP repair and continue on with your day!

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  • Fishing On A Paddleboard - Turn The Tide, a blog by HeySurf

    Fishing On A Paddleboard

    One of the things that makes paddleboarding so popular is how versatile of a hobby it is. You can take your paddleboard and go surfing, touring, racing, do some yoga, and most importantly, go fishing! If you’re a keen angler and want to try fishing in an entirely new way that’s both fun and rewarding, look no further than paddleboard fishing! Let’s go over a few of the benefits that paddleboard fishermen have.

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  • The Beauty of Paddle Boarding at Lake Tahoe - Turn the Tide, a blog by HeySurf

    The Beauty of Paddle Boarding at Lake Tahoe

    When it comes to picturesque paddleboarding locations around the world, it doesn’t get much better than Lake Tahoe. As the largest alpine lake in the US, Lake Tahoe is home to crystalline waters, stunning mountain scenery, and a plethora of beaches to enjoy. Given that Lake Tahoe contains an impressive 191 square miles of surface area, with 22 miles in length, and 12 miles in width, there are activities for paddleboarders of all skill levels to partake in while at this gorgeous natural wonder.

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  • Basic SUP Strokes: Take Pride in Your Paddling - HeySurf

    SUP Strokes: 5 Stand-Up Paddle Techniques for Beginners

    While most people think that getting a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is the most important part of one’s paddleboarding journey, getting acquainted with different SUP strokes is equally as crucial. Just like a car needs an engine to run, so too does a paddleboarder need a paddle and a repertoire of SUP strokes to accelerate and steer on the water. 

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  • Tides of the Time: How to read a tide table & chart - HeySurf

    Tides of the Time: How to read a tide table & chart

    A tide table shows predictions for three things in relation to the tides in your local area. First, you’ll find predictions for the number of tides per day (which is usually constant in each area), then, you’ll be able to view predictions for the time you can expect each high and low tide, and finally, you should find estimates for the height of each tide. 

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